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Where is the project located?

The Highlands Batroun rests on a scenic hill that overlooks the Sea and the city of Batroun. Batroun, a lively Lebanese coastal city, is located at middle distance between Beirut and Tripoli. The old city is known for its touristic attractions, resorts, restaurants, nightlife, and cultural activities. The project is three minutes away from the central city of Batroun.

What is the project?

The Highlands Batroun is a representation of a massive land that is divided into 82 lots for sale. Each lot varies in its area, shape, elevation, and panoramic view. The lots' areas have an average of 1400m^2.

What does the project contain?

The project includes different kinds of infrastructure:

  • Sidewalks with interlocking curbstone.
  • Manholes for rain water drainage.
  • Sewage systems (including sewage pipes).
  • Street Lighting.
  • Drinkable water.
  • Water drainage.
  • Electricity.
  • Preliminary connections for telephone, Internet, and satellite installations if required.
  • Support walls alongside the pavements for protection from soil and water flow.
  • Roads are lined with trees along each side.
  • Water canals.
  • Waste water treatment system.

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